Banana bread… a variation

I make a lot of banana bread in this house. Our 19 month old son loves a banana as a midmorning snack and, although we all enjoy them, sometimes a bunch of bananas goes overripe before we can get through the lot. Luckily, you can freeze them. Now, they don’t tend to survive the thawing process intact (ice crystals, cell walls, ugly bags of mostly water, etc.) so the best thing to do is to use them in a cooked application. Even though we have ¬†an ice cream machine (perhaps in a future post), banana bread tends to be the go-to in this household. Anyway, ofttimes I feel the need to mess with a recipe, so…

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Pancakes, revisited

It took a while, but I have remastered the pancake. I had done some really nice work in this field with our old stove, but after we moved it took an absurd amount of time to work out the quirks on the new one. Specifically the burners run a little on the hot side, resulting in an overcooked exterior and an undercooked interior. Edible after a trip through the oven, but not ideal. At any rate, I’ve figured it out and here’s a new recipe for you all to enjoy.
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