People have told me that I should write down what I cook so I can recreate recipes I throw together at home. This is an attempt to do that and to share the successful ones with my family and friends.

I’m a designer  who really learned to cook while my wife (then girlfriend) was at grad school and I would visit her on the weekends. She’d be off working and I’d sit at home and watch Food Network. Pretty soon I was borrowing her car for food-shopping trips and making dinners for her so she could wind down. So there you go.


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    • Hi! Aren’t you supposed to write “first”? 😀

      In response:
      Such as? There’s not likely to be much that’s too complicated on this site… at least not yet. As far as non-food related stuff here’s where I post what I’ve been doing professionally for the past few years and I very occasionally post on Twitter as @tiny_mind. I’m not likely to talk much about parenting since all kids are different and I’d never give unsolicited advice to another parent. And those are pretty much the three things that take up my time: cooking, work and parenting.

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